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The 1975 band

Hi, my name is Genie Rose C. Dalimit and here’s my favorite band called “THE 1975”

the 1975

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The 1975

Maybe you’ve heard their songs. Maybe you heard your favorite artists tweet about them. The popular British rock band is gaining popularity in the U.S. and we want to fill you in on some fun facts so you’re not embarrassed at the next concert you attend. Here are somethings you didn’t know about The 1975.


The 1975 biography

The 1975 (Formed 2012)
The 1975 are an English Indie Rock band, consisting of the members Matthew Healy (vocals, guitar), Adam Hann (guitar), George Daniel (drums, backing vocals), and Ross Macdonald (bass).
They are better known for their singles, “Chocolate” and “Girls”.

Formation: Whilst at Wilmslow High School in Manchester, Healy met Hann, Daniel, and Macdonald as teenagers, and they began playing music together in 2004.
Originally the drummer, Healy took over vocals when the previous member left to form another band.

Music Career: “Facedown” was the bands first EP, and was released on August 2012.
In late 2012, Zane Lowe aired their single “Sex” on his show, which released 19th November 2012.
They received a lot of attention, and went on tour through UK and Ireland, and eventually to the USA.
“Music For Cars” was released on 4th March 2013.
Their single “Chocolate” reached number 19 on the UK singles chart.
Whilst on tour, they supported Muse, in 2013.
They also supported The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park on 13th July 2013, and The Neighbourhood in June 2013.
They performed at Reading & Leeds Festival in 2013.
Their self-titled album was released on 2nd September 2013.
A reworked version of their song “Sex” was included, and was aired on Zane Lowe’s show on 8th July 2013.
In September 2013, the band toured the UK.
They also performed at the iTunes Festival on the 8th September 2013, opening for Bastille.
In October 2013, the band went on a North American tour.
They also went on tour in Europe in November 2013, and New Zealand and Australia in January 2014.
They performed at Coachella in April 2014, and at the Royal Albert Hall in April 2014.

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The band is heavily influenced by emo

Matty Healy is an encyclopedia of obscure bands from the Nineties and early 2000s, including Joan of Arc and American Football. “I was never, like, a super cool dude, walking-down-getting-laid-in-a-leather-jacket kind of teenager,” he says. “I was listening to Bright Eyes really neurotically. He was like the Dylan of the time.”emos